Bridging Over

February 21, 2015

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Our oldest son has been a Cub Scout since first grade.  I remember attending his first Blue and Gold banquet that year and watching the Webelos 2 crossing over and thinking, “Wow, those boys look so big.”

Then I blinked…


And before I knew it my boy was one of the big boys crossing over.


Not sure how that happened so fast. 





He was blessed with two amazing den leaders.  They stepped up his first year and stayed with the boys all the way through.  They did so many wonderful activities with the boys and truly sacrificed so much time to provide an AMAZING Cub Scout experience for these guys.  What a gift they have been!


They also helped the boys achieve their Arrow of Light achievement.


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We are so proud of our son and look forward to watching him grow as a Boy Scout. 




February 17, 2015

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We’ve been wishing for a snow that would cover the grass blades and last night we got just that… a little over 4 inches of powdery snow fell last night and Daddy took an extended lunch break to go sledding with us and enjoy it while we could.



These two were my dare devils, trying to come up with whatever creative way they could to get the two of them down the hill the fastest.


Her favorite part was eating the snow…. she sat out a few rounds so she could happily stuff her face with the cold wet snow. IMG_8556

Then the dynamic duo decided to add a third to their antics.IMG_8580IMG_8573IMG_8574

I went down a token one time…. preferring instead to watch from the bottom.


We were there for about an hour.  I am so thankful that Scott lives close enough to work that he can come home for an extended lunch in the middle of the day and go sledding with us. (when his work schedule permits)… and so glad today his agenda permitted. 


Because everything, EVERY THING is better when Daddy is there.


The kids and I escaped down to VA for just shy of 24 hours to spend some time with my SIL and her family.  I adore Scott’s sister so a visit to her house was a bright spot in our week.  

We arrived in the early afternoon with time for me to take the 4 boys to the park while Aunt Karen took the girls to run a few errands.





Then after dinner we built and decorated gingerbread houses. 


Now, I must say we did not have luck with building a sturdy construction of said houses… the nifty little trick on Pinterest turned out to be a bust, to say the least, however not a single kid seemed to mind as they still were able to consume gobs and gobs of sugar throughout the endeavor.  IMG_7407

I love this picture of my nephew… arm out on the bench, mouth full of graham cracker and icing… he was one very happy little boy.  Pretty sure his face says, “man this is the best after dinner activity ever”IMG_7402

Then there’s my youngest… roof falls off mid decorating, no problem, just eat the roof.



While Karen and I struggled to find a way to make the houses stand, we called in for back up with Jim… and as is often the case, he once again proved that dad/uncles rock… “What having problem with your gingerbread houses ladies, here let me take a stab at it”


And he builds a TRAIN…

making this little guy the happiest 5 year old ever.


My oldest son wanted to take a stab at constructing his on his own, he tried using reeses cups to serve as part of the construction…and when it didn’t exactly hold up, he laughed it off. 


My 8 year old’s house reminded me of Dr Seuss, couldn’t you totally see this house in Whoville?


And when my youngest daughter’s house collapsed, she embraced it and instead made what looked like a plate of cookies.


Because after all, what are gingerbread houses for anyway?  Just an excuse to have fun and eat sugar.

As usual, we had a blast with them and made many wonderful memories!


It’s hard to believe that my youngest will be school age next year.  Seriously, how did that happen?  Sometimes when we drop the big kids off at their tutorial on “school at the building days”  he will pause outside the Kindergarten room and tell me, “That’s where I go next year Momma and then you will be all alone and so sad.” 

And my heart kinda breaks a little. 

Because he is right.  I will be so sad.  I will miss my little buddy at Trader Joes who pushes the cart and makes a dash for the coffee.  I’ll miss him packing up his book bag with sooo many books so he too can carry it around like the big kids, even though I am most often stuck lugging it around. 

Scott encouraged me to make sure I am cherishing these days… not just getting stuff done that I need to, but really taking advantage of this time with him.

Which I know I am guilty of not doing. 

So I brainstormed a few things I want to make sure we do together this year and one was visiting Santa.  Because I realized I had never taken him to see Santa.   Usually our Santa visit occurred at the family Christmas party at Scott’s work, but we haven’t been for 3 years to that party due to a gymnastics meet falling on the same morning.  And so we haven’t been to see Santa for 3 years. 

I asked my 4 year old if he’d like to visit Santa.  “Oh boy,” he exclaimed, “I thought Santa was just for pretend… I had no idea we could see him in real life.”  He was so excited…. and I had to chuckle and wonder what I am doing to my poor child. 

photo 1

He thought we were going to the North Pole and wondered if Santa would open the door for us and let us in.  I went on to explain how it works when you visit Santa… you wait in line and then go up and sit on his lap and he will probably ask you what you want for Christmas.

“Oh no, Mom, that is a problem.” 

“I don’t know what I want for Christmas.”

I told him that was ok, he could just tell Santa he didn’t know.

So, we went… he got a bit shy when his turn came and I realized while we were there that his asthma was bothering him and he was getting a cold.  But, I went up with him and sat with him till he warmed up to Santa a little.  Then they talked and hugged and I snapped a picture.

Afterwards he told me that Santa did ask what he wanted and he said he didn’t know.  Santa told him that he would bring him some surprises then.  Then my four year old said, “Mom, I guess Santa will have to use his phone to figure out how to find our house, right?” 

hahaha… Santa using google maps to find our house.  Made me chuckle. 

It’s hard to balance time these days… I try to take full advantage of the two days the kids are at the building, to work out, run errands, catch up on housework, and often my little guy comes along side me… and I enjoy having him along side me.  But, I also need to make sure I am intentional about making some precious memories during these days.  Because he is growing up faster than I’d like to admit.



Rough Morning

November 1, 2014

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It really has been fun watching our youngest play soccer this fall.  And he truly has been so excited to have a sport of his own to go to for practices and games.  He’s lived up having his turn with the celebration plate.  And besides the first game (in which he was very cold and a little under weather), pretty much every other game he has looked like thisIMG_5724

Smiley and happy….

He even scored a few goals…


But there were no smiles this morning.

This morning it was C-O-L-D and rainy and windy…. and we had to be on the field at 9am  after Halloween… Halloween in which we let him stay up late playing in the court with the neighbors….

Today he looked like this. 

photo (7)

I told him he’d warm up if he ran on the field… He responded, “I will warm up if I go inside.” 

because he wanted to be able to eat a doughnut after (b/c really what kid doesn’t need a doughnut the morning after Halloween) he did go on the field for a little while then it was back to Momma’s arms till the end of the half. photo (8)

And since they were 4 they only played a half in the cold, November rain…. and then Coach Dad presented him with his monster doughnut and his medal.

photo 1

And while that face doesn’t quite convey the joy he felt, I can tell you he was quite excited about that medal.

photo 2

He has worn it all afternoon.  He told me later, “Mom I don’t think I got the medal for todays game.  I think I got it for the other games.”  I love that he has somewhat of a firm grasp of reality.  I told him he was right, it wasn’t for today.  But, he did have lots of games where he did work hard. 


Halloween Fun!

October 31, 2014

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What a Night!


We had a super fun Halloween evening this year and I am thankful we got to know several of our neighbors better. 

This year we had

Harry Potter


Super Girl (yes she has been Supergirl for 1/3 of our Halloween’s but what can I say, the girl likes being super girl)  This year she changed it up and went with pink super girl though.


Her majesty the queen also graced us with her presence.  I have to say one of my favorite parts of the day was putting make up on her.  I let her wear my real make up and earrings and her smile and her smile and giggle while I got her ready were priceless.


I bet you will NEVER EVER guess what this little man went as…


He is a Jack-o-Lantern dressed up as a lion.  He also really likes making sure that the nose of his pumpkin stays in even when lit.  So he carefully pops it in. IMG_6611

We had a super fun evening.