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June 24, 2008

in Darndest Things,Motherhood

Kids like buttons. At least ours do. Our son was the first addict. We could keep him happy quiet for long periods of time by giving him the TV remote (with the TV off) and letting him just pound away. Him being the first, we were always careful when he got the phone. Wouldn’t want him to call someone unintentionally and have someone listening to uncensored Life at the Circus. He never really called anyone though, because life with one isn’t quite a circus, he just hit buttons. Naturally, when it came to baby number two we got a little more lax with the phone. Our daughter was a less enamored by the buttons, but she knew that the shiny one in the center made it light up and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. We’d just periodically hit the off button. By child number three, we are quite a bit more lax. We’d just give her the phone and go back to our business. It’s not like she’s really going to call someone anyway, right?

Thursday morning we received a call from the police. Seems little miss figured out how to dial 9-1-1. (I wonder how long we were “on the air” and what circus noise they heard during that time) Ooops! Mommy’s going to be a little more careful now.

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