Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Not To Wear

July 2, 2008

in Me to You

It’s Thursday again, which means I am once again using pictures from my past as blodding fodder for today.

Here is a picture of my hubby and I in the spring of 1997 at an All Night Bowling event for my youth group. Please take note of the shirt I am wearing.

Two and a half years later here we are in October of 1999 at a College Football game. Notice I still have the same shirt. No shame in that… someone can have the same shirt 3 years later, right?

Last night my sister in law, Karen was in town and she went shopping with me to help me find some things to update my wardrobe. I had a blast trying on new things and felt like I was on reality TV as I would come out of the dressing room and model outfits for her. The night was a success as I came home with quite a few items. She suggested we go to my closet and find what clothes I already had that I could use with some of the new things. I felt like I was on the show What Not to Wear as I pulled multiple items out of my closet and said, "I’ve had that since High School…" Take a look at the shirt I put in the donation pile.

Hmmm, 11 years later , I think it is time to say goodbye to this one, don’t you? (yes, it was still in the pile of cloths I wore)

As I was scanning these pictures in, I noticed that Scott is wearing the same hat in both pictures. Seriously, what are the odds? We both are wearing the same clothes 2.5 years a part and happen to take pictures at both events? This made me laugh. We are quite the fashion trend setters aren’t we?  (no, he does not still have the hat).

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Here are my boys enjoying a beautiful evening out downtown.

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