Monday, July 28, 2008

**Updated…for those those that asked Movie Review Below**

I’m going on a hot date tonight with my hubby and I am SO excited!!  My legs are shaved, eye brows plucked, and I’m even going to wear a skirt and put on make up!!  Perhaps I’ll even add a little jewelry for sparkle!!

This time we aren’t going to Toys R Us!  I got free movie tickets at the grocery store earlier this summer so thanks to Sarah’s raving review, we’re going to see the new Batman Movie and eating dinner too (one where we don’t have to cut food into tiny pieces, sop up spilled milk, AND we can even have a complete conversation)!

I love my kids TONS, but I am super duper excited to have a night out on the town with my man!

Since many of you kindly asked, I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts on the movie.  My hubby and I thought it was excellent!  It was well written and superbly acted.   I will say it seemed a bit long, almost like it ended at one point and it went into a second movie.  But it was really well done and I thought it had such an interesting plot that I didn’t mind.   Bob, you are right, the joker is sorta depressing, but one of the things we like about Batman is that the bad guys are truly evil, there is no ambiguity.  Heth Ledger did an outstanding job of portraying a truly mad and evil man… I’d say it was an award winning portrayal.   You can see the effects of sin and evil on the town of Gotham.  If you want a picture of a city void of God’s common grace, Gotham is such a place.    I would recommend the movie.  However, I would not recommend it for children, just wanted to set the record straight.  It is not called Dark Knight for nothing!

And to those that wondered, Scott and I had a fabulous night out together.  It was fun to get dressed up and eat and talk and hold hands.  Thanks to Nana and Pop for babysitting for us!