Fly Away dear boy Fly Away!!

November 10, 2008

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Who would ever thought soccer cleats could be so cute?  When I took my son to get his cleats at the beginning of the season, I thought those cleats were far cuter than any baby bootie I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never been into bronzing the baby shoes, but I will be tucking these cleats away in a box to look at years from now when I complain of the big stinky cleats I find sitting in my doorway. 

Last week we watched my son’s last game of the season.  In some ways he’s come a long way since that first game.  He knows to stop when the whistle is blown.  And while he never scored a goal, he did dribble the ball down the field a few times.  My husband and I couldn’t have been more proud at the rainy game a few weeks ago when he ran after the ball and kicked it down the field.  More than once!  I remember Scott and I looking over at each other with such enthusiasm and shouting, “He touched the ball!” 

His antics at his last game were truly memorable though.  For a good 20 minutes of the game my dear son was running up and down the field with arms held out wide at this side. 

Much like an airplane.  IMG_9280(See number 7 there on the left? That’s my boy)!









And being his mother and in tune with the workings of his mind, I knew in fact that was what he was doing.  So while the other kids were racing for the ball up and down the field, he ran along side them  soared along them.  I asked him about it when he came to the side for a drink.  “Were you being an airplane out there bud?”  His reply, “Yea Mom, I was pulling a sign behind me!” 


One of things I love most about my dear son is his active imagination. 

Fly away, dear boy, fly away!!

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