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December 19, 2008

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When I was little if you wanted to make my mom mad, all you had to do was ask her who was visiting when she was cleaning house.  Oh how I remember the look she’d get on her face when I would say that….seems my turn has come…


After decorating our cookies yesterday, I realized it was time to deep clean my kitchen.  Once I scrubbed down the icing covered counter, it only made me realize how scummy the other counters looked.  This lead to me doing a deep clean of all my counter tops.  I’m talking take everything off of the counter, move it and wipe down the whole thing.  Yea…that level of cleanliness rarely happens.  Because when it does, it seems like I suddenly become a little OCD. Things that never bothered me before suddenly stick out as I clean one area which then leads to another and before you know it, I’m scrubbing the inside of the door of my dishwasher…

So this morning my OCD cleaning fest was still going strong and I found myself scrubbing the stove top.  My kids were watching with fascination.

And then my son said, “Mom, it’s kinda like people are visiting…like when Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim came…are you going to clean the carpets today too?”

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