Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My little brother celebrated his birthday this week.  And being the good big sister that I am, I thought I’d share some lovely pics of him growing up for my Fro Me to You post this week.  Cuz’ nothing says happy birthday like having your big sister post your picture on the internet for the world to see.

Happy Birthday Little Brother!

IMG_3235Here we are at one of his birthdays.  I am guessing he was five or 6, making me 8 or 9.  Looks like I gave him a dream team poster. 

We look pretty dressed up for birthday gifts, so I am guessing his birthday fell on a Sunday that year and he got to open his gifts before we left for church.


IMG_3236 And here we are on a family excursion to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC.  I am guessing I am in about fifth or sixth grade.  Please take notice of the turquoise shorts with the tucked in shirt and my favorite, the coordinating turquoise “koosh ball” earrings. I was stylin, don’t ya think?

He is my only brother.  While we definitely had our moments growing up, I’d say we were pretty close.  I have fond memories of playing Star Wars and GI Joes with him (I was always Princess Leah cooking food and cleaning house for the troops).  I was a bossy big sister and it took me awhile to figure out that he didn’t need “another mom” as he would tell me time and again.  Once I learned that, we were great friends. 

We were both in each other’s weddings and have been to the hospital to welcome our new niece’s and nephews.   I’m excited that our kids are close in age and hope that they the cousins will be good friends growing up.   


I am thankful to have him as my brother, friend, and my children’s uncle.

Happy Birthday Bro!  I love you lots!


I had a dream last night that I went to the movies and when it was my turn to order the tickets, I couldn’t remember the name of the movie we wanted to see.  For some reason they didn’t list them on the wall behind the register like normal.  I tried to call someone for help, but suddenly my phone had been replaced with a different phone and every time I hit the buttons for my contact list, it took me to some funky screen and I couldn’t find anyone’s number.  As the line behind me grew and grew I kept begging the man at the register, “Please, it’s about a guy and a girl… it’s a comedy, with a little romance…you know the one…what is it?” 

The funny thing is at the end of the dream when I finally found out the name of the movie, I said to myself, “Man, my memory is really going…it must be momnesia…I have totally gotta blog about this.”

And then I woke up.

What?  I am blogging in my dreams now?  I thought it was bad enough that when my kids say something funny and I laugh, that they ask if I am going to blog about it.  Or the fact that when I go to share a funny anecdote with a friend, I am often interrupted with the phrase, “yea I know I read about that on your blog”  But blogging in my dreams?  I think I may need some serious help.