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January 26, 2013

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We finally got some snow this week.  I really use the term “some” rather loosely.  Does it count as snow if you still see blades of grass poking up through the white?  IMG_8934

It appears it does.  Because I had to do just as much work gathering hats, mittens, snow pants, and boots to bundle up my 4 little Eskimos to head out and play.  And even though the mountain of soggy laundry was higher than the snow fall accumulation, I gotta say they had a solid 2 + hours of fun dragging each other around in the snow and sweeping off our steps.  And we got 3 days of hot chocolate out of it as well.  IMG_8961 

Brother of the year award goes to my 8 year old,who cheerfully pulled all 3 of his siblings around on the sled.IMG_8955


And then he pushed them down our “hill”IMG_8965

I learned a lesson watching them out the window this morning.  You can complain and whine because we didn’t get as much snow as others or we don’t have a real hill.  Or you can go out and make do with what you have.


2+ hours of fun and the only complaint I heard was of soggy mittens.


They each took turns pulling the sled around the court.  What a work out!




While he didn’t last quite as long as the big kids out there, my youngest little “oompa loompa” had quite a fun time in his oversized snow apparel. 


I’m so thankful for a little bit of white stuff for the kids to enjoy… as well as the fireplace and hot chocolate to warm them up with afterwards. 

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