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March 17, 2013

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Last weekend was our Cub Scout Pack’s Pine Wood Derby race.  It is one of the favorite Cub Scout traditions.  Scott and our oldest son worked hard on the car.


My son had one focus:  speed

He wanted his car to be as fast as possible.  Whenever they discussed designs or modifications, speed was always his deciding factor. 




He designed his car to look like Bullet Bill from Wii Mario Kart.



Bullet Bill (the car on the right in the picture above) did well.  He took second three times and first twice in the preliminaries.

I love their faces on these next two pictures…. you can tell this was one of the times he took first.



In the finals, he ended up coming in fourth.  So, he didn’t medal.  This was a disappointment to them both, but after the race they were already talking about what they would do differently next year.

Truthfully, I know he would have liked a trophy.  But the real prize is in the memories they made this past week designing, shaping, building, and racing their car.  That’s a prize that with time will not gather dust, but rather grow sweeter.

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