Aunt Karen

May starts off with a bang with Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you) on Sat and Cinco de Mayo on Sunday.  After a literal month of passing the stomach bug back and forth and back again around the circus house, a weekend with no agenda other than having fun was JUST what this Momma needed.  photo (20)

Saturday my beloved sister in law and  nephews were in town which was PERFECT for Star Wars day.  We cranked up the Star Wars soundtrack on the speakers inside and out, donned our Star Wars tees, grabbed our light sabers and battled it out all day.  My heart was so full.  I loved, LOVED watching the kids interact with each other.  It was such a low key, relaxed day. photo (19)


photo (18)


Sunday as full with church, a youth staff luncheon, and a flag football game.  When we got home we cranked up the music on the “Cinco de Mayo Pandora station” and made enchiladas for dinner… IMG_0599

followed by this little dessert I found on Pinterest.  We ended the weekend snuggled on the couch watching “Herbie Goes Bananas.” IMG_0580

Today the festivities were over and it was time to tame that LONG ignored laundry pile in my basement.   I am thankful though for a weekend of just plain ol’ silly fun (with a side of chips and salsa).



So, it turns out we have a sneak here at the circus.

Yes, behind this adorable smile is actually a rather devious little chocolate hoarder. 

Earlier this week the kids received a package of chocolate from their cousins for Valentines day.  I let them all have one after lunch and then we put the box up on the counter for later.    Later that evening when the kids wanted another piece after dinner the box was no where to be found.  We found an empty bottom half of the box, but the top half (with the chocolate) was MIA.  We checked the trash and every single Mommy candy hiding place I could think of with no luck.

I figured it would turn up eventually, so we gave up searching.

Then the next day I found my little man pretending to sleep on the couch.  IMG_9747

“How cute,” I thought to myself.  I also remembered I had seen him doing the same thing the afternoon before.  “Ah, what a funny little game he’s playing sleeping on there couch.”  When he noticed me he kinda popped up and looked my way.  I (completely ignorant of the wool being pulled over my eyes) smiled sweetly at him and said what a sweet boy he was on the couch. 

When I walked over to turn on the stereo, I noticed one of the speakers was down by his head and when I went to move it,  I discovered that missing chocolate!


He smiles b/c he knows he pulled one over on Mommy.


Oh, I gotta watch out for this one… stealing candy, hiding it under blankets on the couch, returning to steal some more the next day… he is gonna keep me on my toes!


Years ago Aunt Karen gave our oldest child a Life is Good soccer shirt.  Because the color and theme were gender neutral, I ended up passing it down to my daughter a few years later.   It actually became that perfect shirt for younger siblings to wear to soccer games so she could feel like she was a part of the team too.  By the time my third child wore it, it was worn with shin guards and sometimes even cleats TO WATCH the older 2 practice.  Naturally, I had to hold onto it for child number 4 and he’s now old enough to sport it himself.  It will def be one of those “sentimental clothes” I add to my box of clothing that for some reason or another I just can’t part with. 

August 2008

check out his new wheels

September 2009

(this would be the time we met the Star Wars gang at the Library after a soccer game)


September 2010


June 2012photo (16)

Life is indeed good, very good.


While we didn’t plan it like this at first, Sunday ended up being date day for each of our 4 kids.   Each child ended up with some one on one time with either mom, dad, or Aunt Karen.  Good times had by all!

One of the duties of our church deacons is to unlock the church on Sunday mornings.  When Scott became a deacon 3 years ago, he started taking one child with him on his deacon duty mornings.  This served a dual or maybe even triple purpose.  1.  it got him some one on one time with one of the kids  2.daddy deacon date  it allowed the kids to participate in serving the church alongside him  (rather than serving at church being something that took Daddy away from the fam) and 3.  it left me with one left kid to get ready for church Sunday morning.    The kids LOVE when it is their turn for deacon duty with Daddy.  They love unlocking their SS classrooms, turning on the lights, and turning on the heat in each room.  They also enjoy watching the worship team practice and probably most of all, they love having Daddy to themselves for a few hours on Sunday morning.    This Sunday it was our 4 year olds turn and her face lit up when Daddy asked her on her date.  (they also LOVE getting to ride in Daddy’s car and put the windows down!)

This Sunday after church Aunt Karen took our 6 year old out for a belated birthdayaunt karen date date at the mall.   They went to lunch, went shopping for a new pair of earrings, and even got some dessert afterwards.  She was so excited the night before when Aunt Karen told her to wear something nice and they would go to the mall to pick out her birthday gift.  I was so excited that they were able to have some one on one time together.  I love that Aunt Karen wants to take an active role in my kids lives. 

Meanwhile…since we already had 2 cars at church, I took our oldest son out tstarbucks cub scout dateo Starbucks for a Mother/Son Cub Scout date.  He only had a few more requirements left to complete in order to earn his Wolf Badge.  These involved discussing a few hypothetical situations and how he would and should respond in each scenario.  I thought it might be more fun to complete the questions on a Starbucks date…things didn’t work out the evening I planned to go out with him and the banquet is next weekend, so Sunday afternoon was a must!   After our trip to Starbucks, we visited the library to pick out some more books for him to read.  A perfect afternoon date if you ask me!

Every Sunday evening is Daddy date time for our youIMG_2098ngest.  I take the older three to evening church for catechism class.  Since I teach one of the classes, I stay there with them.  This affords Scott some rare one on one time with the lil guy.  Scott has always appreciated this time on Sunday evenings…. when I first started 4 years ago it was his Daddy/girl time while the oldest and I went to class.  He really does treasure a few hours on Sunday evening to play with the youngest of the crew while everyone else is away. 

We don’t have a set schedule for who gets one on one time with whom when.  It doesn’t happen on a set rotation each month.  (other than keeping track of who is up next for deacon duty) But, when we can we try to seize the opportunity for a little one on one time with each kid… to see their personalities apart from the rest, to listen to just them, and to foster our relationships with them as individuals.  This Sunday was a rare opportunity for each child to enjoy some time in the lime light.